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Job Description: Ops Coordinator

The ops coordinator is expected to conduct the following activities: 

  1. Operations support: Leading the backend operations for class scheduling, managing curriculum checks, instructor availability, administrative coordination (printing & courier dispatch), payments, and quality assurance.

  2. Lead Engagement: You will be responsible for external stakeholder communication, including but not limited to resolving queries on various channels from stakeholders such as clients, job applicants, and potential partners through emails, messages, meetings, proposals, follow-ups etc, and conducting monthly lead generation campaigns through a series of medium such as email marketing or phone call campaigns.

  3. Additional support on miscellaneous tasks: Assisting in HR-related communication and funnel management, weekly reporting on tasks completed, and additional tasks that may include generating 'How To' videos, classroom observations, curriculum-related edits, support marketing team in post-scheduling, social media and community engagement, and content creation where required

The ops coordinator is also expected to follow some general working norms and standards, highlighted but not limited to:

  1. Working at minimum 6 hours a week. 

  2. Giving a weekly update via meeting or email, regarding work completed, plans for the following week, new initiatives, and any delays in work and plans to get back on track.

  3. Maintaining all work on the relevant shared drive

  4. Where applicable, updating any logs or tracking information in the relevant databases

  5. Where applicable, create standard operating procedures and checklists for your area of work will provide you with support and training on how to use different platforms for lead engagement and query resolution and will provide access to relevant licenses to any specialized software. 

Nature of work:

This is a remote role and applicants from all over the world are welcome. Pay scales will be benchmarked to the Pakistan market rates in Pakistani Rupees. 




  • Proficiency in usual applications like MS Excel, MS Word 

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English and Urdu 

  • Demonstrate motivation, conscientiousness, and integrity to do the role

  • Discipline and ability to work remotely



  • Experience working with a CRM

  • Experience working in a customer support role

Stipend will vary between PKR 10,000-PKR 50,000 per month depending on hours worked and assignments completed.

Mode of Payment
Candidates submit a month-end payment request form which is processed within 10 calendar days. International USD transfers, PayPal/Payoneer payments, and PKR bank transfers are all possible modes of payment.


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Please add to your safe senders list as we will be communicating through this address throughout the interview process.

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