Create your own class!

Create your own class!

Can't find a day or time that works for you? Get together a group of students, and we can accommodate at a day and time convenient just for you!  We can accommodate up to 8 students within one online class, in any time zone. We would need two weeks advance notice before the scheduled start date.


  • Classes are a good platform for those children who need encouragement and support, and allows for indepth understanding of learning materials
  • Content is suitable for children from ages 8 to 13 years. No previous coding experience is necessary.
  • We curate and develop the best coding content for children and provide new and exciting projects every month in various programming languages
  • Supporting materials are mailed monthly and contain projects to be completed weekly. Each concept builds on the last and encourages children to ladder up and code more complex games.
  • There are challenge and reflection questions and access to members only videos
  • We aim to promote resilience, problem solving, and computational thinking through coding



  • Block based visual programming language that allows “drag and drop” of code blocks which snap together like Lego blocks. It is useful introducing coding fundamentals to first time coders. 
  • Modified Javascript / Bitsbox is an international curriculum that introduces typed out syntax to first time coders. Students can learn how to create simple applications using commands, methods, and functions. 
  • Minecraft Mods - students learn how to create their own Minecraft mods in Java using the platform Code Kingdoms. For the duration of the course Codeshcool will provide access to a license of Minecraft Java edition, premium Code Kingdom content, and each child has access to their own server that can host up to 25 people
  • Roblox Mods - students learn how to create their own Roblox mods using lua scripts in Roblox studio as well as the platform Code Kingdoms. Codeshcool provides access to premium Code Kingdom content for the duration of the course. 
  • Code School Chooses for you: this option is for those parents or students who like variety. We provide the best curated content which could be a mix of block coding, Bitsbox or new curriculum that comes up. 

    - You will recieve four coding classes per month

    - Each class will be of one hour duration

    - Classes are conducted weekly 

    - Printed flashcards are included in charges

    - Additional charges for shipping will apply


    Products cannot be returned or refunded once shipped


    Additional charges for shipping outside of Pakistan will apply. Customers outside Pakistan should contact for a quotation


    All classes start on the second Saturday of the month, and materials will be shipped accordingly

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