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Coding Curriculum & Support Services for Educators

Coding is now considered a new literacy, but with ever-changing standards, new programming languages, the shifting digital landscape, and a dearth of technical knowledge, it can be difficult for educational institutions to develop programming curriculum for the early years. The Code School team has over 50 years of experience in programming, game design, and curriculum development. Our programming curriculum has been used by students in 8 countries and has succeeded in achieving excellent learning outcomes.

Code School textbook
Codeschool teacher guide, teacher training, Support, and Recruiting support services
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Our grade 3 textbook offers fifteen fun & interactive coding activities that are designed to teach programming fundamentals to first-time coders.

School Support Services

We offer a range of support services such as teacher guides, teacher training, recruitment, assessments, and ongoing technical support for schools implementing our program

After-School Program Kits

We provide classroom kits with a set of student flashcards for up to ten students, lesson plans, and online booking and payment solutions for schools wanting to offer after-school coding programs

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