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We are always looking for talented young people interested in coding. Please submit your resume using this contact form, and we will be in touch whenever there is a suitable opening


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Our schools are failing us - digital native children are 21st-century learners, but we have 20th-century digital immigrant teachers teaching in classrooms designed in the 19th century. As a result critical future skills like programming are not being taught in the early years, where it is most important to start. is committed to helping children inculcate 21st-century skills through coding. We offer fun and interactive coding classes for children ages six years and up, delivered by local and international coding experts. We are reaching children in 15 countries and recently won first prize in the Stanford SEED Spark cohort 3 regional pitch competition out of 85 startups from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Applicants go through a simple 3-step process, and get to choose their own work hours. Log in from anywhere in the world, and choose the number of hours you work a month.

Choose where you want to work from

We believe in the power of a distributed workforce - our employees are spread out across multiple regions and time zones, and can choose where they work.


Choose when you want to work

With a fully flexible schedule, employees can schedule their work day however they want. We have some core hours where employees must attend meetings that are critical to their role, but otherwise you can choose how to spend your day.

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