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Job Description: Game Designer

The game designer will create hyper-casual games appropriate for teaching programming to school-going children. You will develop games aligned with student learning outcomes. Deliverables will include developing code, exercises and prompts designed to logically develop that code, easy / medium / hard versions of the game. Code School can support the incumbent by providing access to school staff, and programming and curriculum specialists for any technical input required. 

Nature of work:

This is a remote role and applicants from all over the world are welcome. Pay scales will be benchmarked to the Pakistan market rates in Pakistani Rupees. 



  • Experienced in game design or experienced in making ICT lesson plans

  • Advanced knowledge of programming in either of the following languages Unity, Python, Scratch, Roblox, Minecraft, JavaScript, or a compelling new language

  • Excellent communication skills in English and Urdu

  • Demonstrate motivation, conscientiousness, and integrity to do the role


  • Passion for learning and awareness of how digital technology has reshaped education

  • Exposure to International Baccalaureate standards is preferred

  • Interest in teaching children

  • Work experience in training, education, or working with children in an official capacity is preferred

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