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Child Safety Policy

At we are trained to ensure that children are protected in our online classes. Our instruction lead is trained in child safety best practices and has nearly two decades in the education space. Our child safety policies are below:


  • Instructors are hired through a multi-level interviews, assessments, and training to ensure that they are adequately qualitied to interact with children

  • All classes are recorded, and recordings are kept for 5 days after every session. Videos are reviewed on a weekly basis by co-instructors and instructional leads

  • Code School staff code of conduct ensures that instructors do not interact with students through any platform except for online classes which are recorded, or via official email addresses to emails provided by parents at the time of registration

  • All classes have a meeting password and waiting room so that unintended participants do not get access to class sessions.

  • Zoom links, passwords, and permissions are frequently changed to ensure unintended participants do not get access to class

  • Classroom chats are monitored and recorded, and by default chat is disabled for students. Chats are only enabled on a class by class basis for either directly messaging the instructor (for sharing links to the code developed etc.) or posting comments visible to the entire class under special circumstances

  • Any accounts created by Code School we ensure that usernames do not have any identifying information such as a child's name, age, or school name

Despite all the best practices we can implement, nothing can be better than parents who are vigilant about monitoring a child's online usage, and we cannot recommend enough that parents supervise and heavily curate online activities.

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