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Meet the Code School Students - Zainab age 11

In this episode of Meet The Code School Students, we speak to Zainab about her interest in coding, from considering careers in medicine and engineering to finding joy in creating games and digital art.

Coding Adventures:

Zainab shares her positive experience with Code School, highlighting its unique approach to teaching coding with a focus on deep understanding.

Hour of Play:

Zainab explains her experience with our Hour of Play sessions, where learning becomes enjoyable and fosters a sense of community. Zainab's favorite phrase, "The best way to learn is through play," encapsulates the spirit of this program.

Overcoming Misconceptions:

Zainab dispels the myth that coding is difficult and encourages everyone to give it a try, emphasizing its relevance in various fields, including engineering.

Favorite Games:

Learn about Zainab's two beloved games – the paint player game and the two-player snake game. Each game has taught her valuable coding skills while expressing her love for art.

Try Coding Today:

Zainab passionately invites viewers to try coding, sharing the joy and fulfillment it brings. Subscribe for more inspiring content from young talents like Zainab!

You can play Zainab's games by clicking on these links!

Grab a second player, and use player 1 can use WASD and player 2 can use the arrow keys to move

Get your inner digital artist ready and use the paint app to make your own design. Don't forget to screenshot to save it when you're done!

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