top of page on MMTalks was recently featured on MM Talks Sadaf Rehman is the co-founder of - an institute committed to helping children inculcate 21st-century skills through coding. She has nearly two decades of experience in Pakistan's nonprofit education and skills training space, driving positive social change for the youth.

At, students- ages six and up- are part of thoughtfully designed, fun and interactive coding classes, delivered by local and international coding experts. The platform has managed to reach over 850 students in 15 different countries. In Jan 22, won first prize in the Stanford SEED Spark cohort 3 regional pitch competition out of 85 startups from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

At MM Talks, Sadaf speaks about programming being a crucial yet easy-to-learn skill that children must be taught early to be well-equipped for the digital future. She also discusses the need for educational interventions in the current system and training students to be critical thinkers and problem-solvers.

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