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8-10 Years - Online Classes

8-10 Years - Online Classes


Last date to sign up: 22 Dec 2023

Classes start: 6 Jan 2024



  • Four coding sessions every month led by a coding expert for four Saturdays a month
  • Four optional hour of play sessions on Sundays, where students play on private Codeschool servers for Roblox and Minecraft
  • Each session will be for one hour via Zoom
  • Small class size of up to eight children so there is individualized support provided to every participant
  • Two or three new and exciting projects are taught every month. No previous coding experience is necessary
  • Digital flashcards, in-store pickup, and home delivery options are available (price and availability vary depending on the country you are enrolling from)
  • English is the language of instruction, our instructors are based in four regions (US/Canada, EU/UK, Middle East & South Asia, East Asia & Australia)

IMPORTANT: select all the options in the dropdown options on the right, else you will not be able to checkout


    • Classes start on the first weekend of the month
    • Classes are held on Saturdays
    • Class timings may be subject to change based on student enrollment and instructor availability.
    • A full refund will be offered in case the class timing you have opted for is not available.
    • International participants - Please ensure the class works for the time zone before enrolling
    • In case you don't find a time that works for you, email and we can send you a proposal for customized day and time that suits your schedule

    • Code School Chooses for you: We curate each child's coding journey, offering a mix of block coding (Scratch), typed out syntax in Javascript
    • Block coding: is a visual programming language that allows “drag and drop” of code blocks that snap together like Lego blocks. It is useful to introduce coding fundamentals to first-time coders
    • Javascript: we teach JS on an online platform, with the aim of introducing typed-out syntax to first-time coders. Students can learn how to create simple applications using commands, methods, and functions.

    • Our curriculum has been developed by experts in education, game design, and computer science. We aim to promote resilience, problem-solving, and computational thinking through coding by using prompt-based learning.
    • There is a month-end assessment, results are shared with parents via email and are posted on the class announcement group
    • We