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Block Coding

In case the video didn't give it away, we absolutely love block coding! It helps children learn super advanced coding concepts without the pain of syntax, and is perfect for younger coders who aren't adept at typing or handling a mouse as yet (trying to debug a missing curly bracket in 16 lines of code through Zoom anyone?)

We have ten levels of Scratch coding that we offer, but we customize every child's path so sometimes we keep some kids on the block coding path for longer, and sometimes we transition kids out faster to our other programs, because each child is unique and so should their education.

And I won't admit this often BUT I have the most fun in block coding myself! Whether it's using lists, cloud variables for multiplayer games, or using trig functions to map out paths somehow doing block coding is more fun than regular old languages. Up to a certain point anyway...

To learn more about our block coding classes head over to our shop, select the age of your child, and then select your programming language of choice. Use "Code School chooses for you" if you want our coding experts to curate your child's journey

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