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Cofounder & CEO of Sadaf Rehman attended the Inter-Provincial Curriculum Workshop (IPCW) in Islamabad, where the suggested computer science & entrepreneurship curriculum reforms for grades 9-12 were approved by all provinces. Rehman is the computer science & entrepreneurship technical lead at the National Curriculum Council of Pakistan, where she worked with technical experts recruited from around the world to reform the 2006 computer science & entrepreneurship curriculum for grades 9-12. This recent round of reforms will impact 14 million secondary school students, the 7th largest in the world. The National Curriculum Council (NCC) is a federal body created in 2014 to develop national curriculum standards. NCC achieved a major milestone on April 13, 2023, where for the first time in Pakistan's history, a core curriculum from Grades 1-12 and early years has been signed off by subject experts from all provinces.

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