Coding teaches essential 21st century skills

Our children will graduate into a world where 65% of jobs haven't even been invented yet. How can we teach skills for jobs that we don't even know exist? Coding teaches essential 21st century skills like problem solving, creativity, and critical thinking that we know will be essential for future success. Starting early is critical - act now, enroll for online coding classes for children from ages six and up

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Coding is essential for kids

Did you know there is documented evidence that coding improves academic skills as well as problem solving, creative thinking, and resilience? Starting early is critical, so sign up today for online co

Hour of Code - Roblox & Minecraft offers hour of code for Roblox and Minecraft for children from ages 8 to 13. Learn more by visiting our website and clicking on "Hour of Code" #codeschool #javascript #minecraft #roblox

Meet the instructor - Scratch

Meet our amazing Scratch instructor! Our Scratch program covers an entire year and each module ladders up to the next. Ideal for young coders starting for the first time, or advanced coders who want t


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