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Coffee with - Ayesha Rafiq

Coffee with Code School: A Parent's Perspective on Enrolling Three Children🎙️☕️

Sit back, sip your coffee, and join us for a heartwarming podcast episode where we chat with Ayesha, who shares her firsthand experience of enrolling not one, but three of her children in Code School's coding classes! Discover how coding has positively impacted their lives, ignited their passion for technology, and empowered them to become future innovators. Tune in for valuable insights and inspiring stories that will warm your heart and ignite your curiosity!

In this episode we sit down with a remarkable parent who shares her heartwarming experience of enrolling not one, but three of her children in Code School's coding classes. From newfound passions to boundless creativity, this podcast reveals how coding education has transformed their lives and unlocked a world of endless possibilities. Grab your favorite brew, sit back, and let's dive into this captivating tale!

🎙️ Episode Highlights:

  1. Discovering a World of Opportunities: Our special guest starts by sharing the journey of how she stumbled upon Code School while seeking avenues to nurture her children's interests. The engaging curriculum and hands-on approach sparked her eldest child's interest that soon led to an exciting enrollment.

  2. Empowering Young Minds: Through heartwarming anecdotes, Ayesha recounts how Code School's coding classes have empowered her children. As they immersed themselves in projects and challenges, they developed critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities, and expressed their unique creativity, building a strong foundation for future success.

  3. Unleashing Creativity: Coding education at Code School not only ignited a passion for technology but also unlocked the creative potential within each child. Ayesha reveals the joy of witnessing her children design their own games, apps, and projects, celebrating their unique ideas and accomplishments.

  4. Nurturing Lifelong Skills: With a sense of pride, Ayesha elaborates on how coding education has become an integral part of her children's lives. The skills acquired at Code School transcend mere coding and have enriched their academic journey and everyday problem-solving.

  5. A Future of Innovation: In a touching moment, Ayesha discusses how Code School helped develop her children's talent and aspirations.

To experience more captivating stories and inspiring conversations, visit our YouTube channel for the Coffee with Code School podcast playlist. Until then, let's all continue to empower young minds, one child at a time. ☕️💡

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