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Coffee with Code School Testimonial Ft. Scarlett

Empowering Young Minds: A Parent's Testimonial for Code School

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, preparing children for the future is a top priority for parents worldwide. One innovative approach that has gained immense popularity is teaching kids to code. The benefits are far-reaching, from enhancing problem-solving skills to nurturing creativity. Today, we delve into a heartwarming and insightful Coffee with Code School podcast episode featuring Scarlett, a global citizen mom who shares the testimonial of her inspiring journey and the impact of coding on her children's lives.

Meet Scarlett:

Scarlett, hailing from Georgia, USA, is a mother of three and a passionate advocate for nurturing her children's identity as global citizens. Her family's lifestyle is an embodiment of adventure and diversity. Having spent a significant part of their lives abroad, Scarlett's children have become more familiar with life outside the United States. The realization of their global identity led Scarlett to look for ways to provide her children with a balanced upbringing that connects them with their roots while fostering an international perspective.

Coding During Lockdown:

The turning point in Scarlett's journey occurred during the lockdown in Uzbekistan, where her family was living at the time. Like many parents, Scarlett was concerned about the excessive screen time her children were exposed to. However, she took a unique approach by introducing her eldest son, Aizik, to coding using the Scratch platform. What initially began as a means to curb screen time soon evolved into something much more significant.

Code School Connection:

Scarlett's journey into the world of coding took an exciting turn when she crossed paths with Code School. She recognized the potential of coding as a tool to connect her son with friends and provide a creative outlet. The Code School's online platform was the perfect solution for their family's dynamic lifestyle. Aizik could continue his coding classes no matter where they were in the world. Scarlett emphasizes that the flexibility and accessibility of Code School were crucial factors in its success within their family.

The Social Aspect of Coding:

One might think of coding as a solitary activity, but it's quite the opposite. Coding enables students to create and play games with friends while learning valuable skills. This social aspect of coding was pivotal in Aizik's journey. Scarlett highlights that the ability to connect with friends, even from different continents, was a game-changer for her son. The sense of camaraderie and shared interests among fellow gamers added depth to his coding experience.

The Future Is Digital:

Scarlett firmly believes that coding is not just an option but a necessity for the future. Her children's journey with coding has been transformational. Beyond the practical skills, coding has improved Isaac's memory, problem-solving abilities, and performance in other areas, such as mathematics and piano. Isaac's love for coding stems from the challenges it presents, and he eagerly looks forward to each class, eager to tackle new programming languages.


Scarlett's journey as a global citizen mom navigating the world of coding education is an inspiring testament to the power of technology to transcend borders. Her story is a reminder that parents have a pivotal role in nurturing their children's interests and preparing them for the future. Code School's online platform has empowered Isaac to pursue his passion for coding, regardless of their location, making him a shining example of a young mind equipped for success in the digital age. The future is undoubtedly digital, and the journey begins with coding

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