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Hour of Code - Sep 2020

Sign ups open for our Hour of Code Roblox "Obby" 101, next Wed 23 September 4:30 PM Pakistan time via Zoom. PKR 3,000 fee only, ideal for 12 years of age or children who are comfortable with typed out syntax.

In Roblox terminology an "obby" is a platform game or an obstacle course where players jump from one place to another while avoiding obstacles to reach the end of a level. In this hour of code, participants will learn essentials on how to build their own obby course and share with family, friends, and the Roblox community. We will cover the following topics: 1. Basics of Roblox studio 2. Various types of blocks and obstacles 3. Simple lua scripts to create dangerous kill blocks and spawn points The course is a great way to get kids started on using their favorite online games as a platform to learn coding. The class is fast paced and students need to be comfortable with typed out coding syntax. We will give an introduction to Roblox studio, various block types, and lua scripts for coding lava blocks and checkpoints. 

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