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Sign ups for August are open!


Our August signups are now open! We are thrilled to offer several new programs for existing coders and new ones!

Age recommendations as simply suggestions, if you feel your child is an experienced coder and would enjoy being challenged you are welcome to enroll them in more advanced classes


Children between eight to ten years of age

We are offering two courses, an introduction to game design level I and level II. Students use the block coding programming language Scratch by MIT, and dive straight into coding from the first class. We are offering our intro class for two time zones, one more friendly for the UK / EU / Asia time zones and another for the US/Canada time zone.

Children between ten to twelve years of age

We are offering two courses for intermediate level coders who will learn coding concepts such as broadcasts, scrolling, clones, and creating customized blocks. Level I students will develop various scrolling and platform games, and level II students will dive deeper into the concept of cloning, developing four games that use the cloning in different ways. Older coders who have never used Scratch before can enroll at this level as well as students who have done introductory level coding.

Children between thirteen to fifteen years of age

We are offering two courses for more advanced coders, a very exciting international curriculum by Bitsbox © Unit 1 that teaches a modified version of Javascript, and advanced Scratch coding that will teach scrolling platformers, incorporating AI, and multiplayer games by using lists and cloud variables. Our advanced Scratch programming course launch dates haven't been announced, keep watching this space for more!

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