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Tech Talk Tuesdays - Faiza Yousuf


Tech Talk Tuesdays - we speak to tech leaders from Pakistan and beyond to better understand how tech is impacting "non-techies" and the lives of parents and children in Pakistan


This Tech Talk Tuesday we speak to award winning community leader Faiza Yousuf. Faiza is a technologist with over a decade of experience in building products and teams. She is an award-winning community leader and the force behind WomenInTechPK. She co-founded CodeGirls, a community-funded coding boot camp for girls, and runs the online education program for Blockchain and AI from CryptoChicksPakistan. She leads the product development wing at Aciano Technologies and runs a consulting practice as a Product Management Expert. She is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork with the honor to be part of Upwork’s first-ever social impact report. She is also working with P@SHA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee for improving gender parity in Pakistan’s tech ecosystem. Faiza is a well-known speaker and often speaks at both national and internal conferences. She loves to read and enjoys writing about tools and practices.

Faiza's inspirational journey starts by being the eldest sibling who inspired her brothers to join the tech industry. She speaks about using her biggest disadvantage - her learning disability - as her greatest strength in becoming better at user design. Her passion for tech and her work with Code Girls, P@SHA, and womenintechPK has and will continue to inspire so many other young women to get critical coding skills.

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