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65% of elementary students will be in jobs not yet invented

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

We absolutely totally LOVE this video from Lego education. Other than fueling our obvious love for Lego (watch this page for Lego robotics classes for elementary age students post pandemic), it speaks to one of the fundamental reasons why we started Code School.


65% of jobs that our elementary school aged children will be in do not exist today. How can schools teach a skill for a job that does not exist? That is the conundrum of trying to teach 21st first century skills and at the heart of all the research on the future of work.


We already know that computers are taking over a lot of jobs from front line workers, similar to how factory line workers were replaced with automation. We know that computers – through artificial intelligence – are getting extremely good at mimicking human learning and language. But things like art, creativity, problem solving is something that experts are saying with certainty are essential in the 21st century. This means that we have to recalibrate our education systems to develop these skills. However, our children our 21st century learners being taught by 20th century teachers in 19th century classrooms. Coding has documented impact on math, resilience, creativity, and problem solving skills.


Through Code School we want to bring these skills to our children now, because otherwise it may be too late for the children in school today.

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