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Meet the Students: Amaan - JavaScript Game Showcase

In this episode of Meet the students, we showcase Amaan, an 11-year-old coder from Karachi, Pakistan. Amaan takes viewers through a showcase of the JavaScript games he crafted over the past year.

Amaan shares insights into the coding process and the creative decisions behind three of his favourite games. Don't miss out on this showcase with Amaan! Hit play now and explore the world of JavaScript games for first-time coders.

Amaan's Top 3 JavaScript Games

Third position: Squirrel Hunt

Amaan introduces us to his creation, a game featuring a squirrel collecting nuts. Dive into the coding intricacies and challenges that brought this engaging experience to life.

Second position: Fire

Explore Amaan's personal favorite, a fire-themed game allowing users to draw on wood surfaces, creating mesmerizing smoke effects. Learn about the coding magic that fuels this dynamic game.

First position: Welcome to the Stomach

Amaan shares the story behind his beloved code, taking us on a journey through a burger-themed stomach. Originally intended as a wormhole, Amaan's creativity shines as he transforms the concept into a fun adventure.

Amaan's story isn't just about games; it's about unlocking the potential of young minds through coding. His showcase invites us to reflect on the possibilities that coding education opens up, within just a few months.

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